A zine edition of the Scholarship & Activism Forum is underway. Find the submission details here: LoI Zine Project Submissions Guidelines.

Submission guidelines

The Scholarship & Activism Forum accepts submissions on the relations among scholarship, activism, and social justice. Our scope is intentionally broad and serves as a provocation to consider the relations of these topics in various contexts. Posts may be informed by contemporary issues, ongoing projects, or reflect on seminars, museum exhibitions, art projects, and conferences. We welcome posts that discuss these topics from an “activist” or “on the ground” perspective. Critical reflections on the utility of scholarship outside the academy and the limits of activism in scholarship also have a place in the S&A Forum. We aim to foster exchange and learning through various mediums. These include essays, interviews, exchanges, reflections, roundtable discussions and events.

We are always looking for people to contribute to the website. We seek to build a community across academic and non-academic boundaries. We encourage participation, welcome careful consideration, and respect difference. Success in this project will be sustained engagement and an expanded knowledge of the subject for project members.

Specific Requirements

All post should be engagingly written and accessible to a wider public. When writing for the S&A FORUM, language must be clear and free from jargon, and concepts, people, and theories hyperlinked or briefly explained for non-experts.


These are records of conversations, exchanges, or interviews. We encourage multimedia submissions that pair audio and video clips (< 3 minutes) with reflections or posts on the conversation (500 – 1500 words). Interviews may also be conducted over e-mail, whether as Q&As or written exchanges.

Original Posts

We welcome unpublished submissions (500 -1500 words) from professional and independent scholars, community members, and graduate students. Submissions should focus on a particular topic or theme. Writers may choose to introduce their research or and/or activism to a wide public, reflect on processes or methodologies of engaged research, reflect on their own research processes, and/or address the links between scholarship and activism. We also welcome submissions from our readers that include critical accounts of conferences, symposia, and workshops in relation to engaged scholarship, activism and social justice.

Reading List

These works inform our perspectives on scholarship, activism, and social justice. Our list isn’t comprehensive. It reflects our diverse backgrounds, what has brought us to our subjects of inquiry, and what motivates us to ask questions. We invite you to join the conversation. Send us the title of a work with a brief paragraph about why it is important, should be included, and how it has influenced your thinking.

We are looking forward to hearing from you! Please contact with a short bio and a pitch for or draft of an unpublished Interview, Original blog, or Reading List submission.

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